The Perks to Buying A Home in the Suburbs


With cities growing rapidly and many people flocking to live in the middle of developments, there are still many great reasons to purchase a home in the suburbs. With a short drive comes better views, quieter streets, and lower home prices.

For starters, it’s generally less expensive than owning a property in the city center. The additional costs to owning in the city often include parking fees, higher property taxes, and escalated housing costs.

Homes outside the city are generally more affordable. Someone willing to commute can buy a home with more square footage and amenities for the same price that a small city property would run. There used to be an industry rule that said you can get $1,000 in savings per mile you drive outside the city. However, because of rising housing costs in the city, it’s possible to save much more than this nowadays.

In addition to the space, quiet suburban neighborhoods provide a great environment for raising a family. Though the commute can add some time to your workday, many people find that the benefits of living outside the hustle of the city far outweigh the costs. From great schools to lawn space to sprawling parks, the suburbs are a great, cost-effective alternative to city living.

If you’re looking to buy a home but aren’t sure you can afford a property in the city, turn your search to the suburbs. You may find that you can afford a bigger, more comfortable space when you’re willing to commute. If you’re ready to find your dream home, call us at1-866-684-0900 today!

Photo Credit: Unlikely Entrepreneur

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