Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

AmericaRecyclesDay_RecyclingbyRoom-gif-462x1024The official America Recycles Day was Sunday, but in the spirit of being a day late and a dollar short, let’s look at some reminders and tips for recycling.

We don’t have to be reminded of the amount of trash and throwaway items from our home every week. Multiply that by the houses on your street, and neighborhood, city… Yes, we throw away a lot of stuff!

According to,

  1. The average person generates more than four pounds of trash every day and 1.5 tons of solid waste per year.
  1. Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year, enough to fill Busch Stadium from top to bottom twice a day.
  1. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 75 percent of the American waste stream is recyclable, but we only recycle only about 30 percent of it.
  1. We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste each year. If we composted that food, it would reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas as taking two million cars off the road.
  1. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod. Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for two whole weeks.
  1. Americans throw away about 28 billion bottles and jars every year.
  1. More than 87 percent of Americans have access to curbside or drop-off paper recycling programs.
  1. A glass container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as few as 30 days.

Where do you put all of your recyclables? Find a recycling spot for 26 materials (including electronics, furniture, plastic, glass and appliances) close to you!



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