National Good Neighbor Day


“Howdy, neighbor!”

According to a nationwide survey by,

  • 92% consider themselves to be good neighbors.
  • 8 out of 10 agree that their neighbors are willing to help each other.
  • 89% agree that it is important to have an easy way to communicate with their neighbors but only 14% of people have a way to communicate with most or all of their neighbors.
  • 72% knew more of their neighbors growing up than they do now
  • 24% regularly attend neighborhood functions
  • 79% agree that people in their neighborhood can be trusted
  • 9% are part of a neighborhood watch group

Being a good neighbor might be obvious to some of us, but let’s look in detail at what it takes.

Have you waved at neighbors when you get home at the end of the day? Do they wave back?

Is your front yard inviting? Is it littered with trash, weeds and toys or is it well kept? Do your neighbors think you’re having a daily yard sale? Some neighborhoods have guidelines to keep yards safe and clean.

If your homeowner’s association has guidelines, set the bar high and follow them.

Have you loaned a yard tool to a neighbor? Did you borrow a shovel last winter from your neighbor? Be a good neighbor today and return it.

Do you have neighborhood functions? Perhaps an annual yard sale or cookout? If you don’t have these activities, plan one. Gather ideas for a fall festival or Halloween party. Neighbors can watch out for one another while your kids are trick-or-treating. Let your house be the one all the kids gather at after having fund getting candy and other treats. If it happens to be cold that evening, have hot chocolate and hot cider available and maybe coffee for the adults. Make it family friendly.

Does your neighborhood have a watch group? If so, do you meet often and do you attend these meetings? If you don’t have a neighborhood watch program in place, start it!

The ideas don’t have to end there. If you want good neighbors, be a good neighbor!

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