National Boss’s Day


While some of us might cynically think, Hmmm, isn’t boss’s day EVERY day?, the unofficial National Boss’s Day is tomorrow, October 16.

Also known as Bosses Day or National Boss Day, it is a day set aside for employees to honor their boss. According to, “Patricia Bays Haroski registered ‘National Boss’ Day’ with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958.” Haroski worked as a secretary for State Farm Insurance in Deerfield, Ill., chose this date because she forgot that the birthday of her boss—also her father—was actually on the 16th. Four years later, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner proclaimed the day official.

The emphasis is now an international day, celebrated as far away as Australia and South Africa.

Hallmark began offering greeting cards for this day of honor in 1979. By 2007, the cards offered grew by 90 percent.

According to Emily Post, you shouldn’t give your boss a gift unless it is from a group of employees. You wouldn’t want to be accused of being a “brown noser.”

You don’t have to blow your budget to give your boss a gift. The gift can be practical and not one of those things you will find in a thrift store a month later.

Make an oversized card and have everyone sign it.

Take a whiteboard and easel. Place a few markers on the shelf of the easel. Have everyone throughout the day write special messages, goofy drawings, and nice sentiments for your boss. Best part of this idea? There’s nothing to find a place for in the boss’s office.

Bring pastries for the morning or desserts in the afternoon and designate a time to celebrate.

Plan today. Celebrate tomorrow.

What will you do? The important thing to remember is to honor your boss.

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