Labor Day

Labor Day collage concepts

What began in the late 1800s to honor America’s workforce, Labor Day is a day most of us enjoy away from the workplace. Think of the day as the second bookend, Memorial Day is the first and the summer is in the middle.

If you’re planning a big gathering at your house, do a quick check of your deck for safety. Are there any cracks in concrete or flagstone pathways? Have the outdoor chairs weathered the hot, muggy summer? Do you need to refill oil torches and citronella candles to protect your guests against bugs?

By the way, if you need extra tables and have purchased or sold a house with the Select Home team and are part of the Raving Fans Club, call us at 684-000 to reserve a table or two.

If you’d like to get out to celebrate, here are some events happening around town.

Exploration Place, Inc. has a great event for kids. The traveling exhibit, “Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear,” is here through Labor Day. This popular exhibit allows participants to face some of their biggest fears: falling, animals and loud noises through interactive challenges in a safe environment. Free for members; see website for non-member prices.

If you’re looking for something more artsy, the Wichita Art Museum has several temporary and permanent exhibits and everything is free Saturday, Sept. 5. It is closed Labor Day. Check out their website for more information about exhibits and museum hours.

History buffs can catch “Spirited: Prohibit in America” at the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum. From 1920 to 1933, Americans could no longer manufacture, sell or transport “intoxicating beverages.” Learn more about flappers, suffragists, bootleggers and temperance lobbyists and the likes of Al Capone and Carry Nation.

Go to their website for more information about this unique exhibit that opened September 1.

If you’d like to chill out for the day, do it! You’ve earned it.

For more ideas of what to do during this three-day weekend, go to What did you have planned? Was it as fun as you thought it would be? Share about your day in the comments section.


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