Buying a Home: Fact vs. Fiction

There are many misconceptions surrounding home buying. Not knowing the facts can make the experience much scarier than it should be.

Do you think that all agents are the same? Not true! Agents who have their own agencies typically have a lot more on their plate than agents who work with a real estate team. An agent on a real estate team will be able to give you more attention and offer more resources because of the support they have.

Do you think you need a 20% down payment? Nope. A lot of people have trouble making a 20% downpayment. Often, lenders will allow you to make a smaller down payment in exchange for carrying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) until your equity reaches 20%.

Do you think you need perfect credit? Myth. There are a variety of options available depending on your credit score. Talk to different lenders to determine your qualifications and options.

There are many more myths out there that often scare people away from purchasing their first home. has a few things to say about some common home buying myths.



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